VERIFI® in-transit concrete technology

VERIFI® delivers Cutting-Edge Technology to HS2 Concrete Operations

VERIFI® in-transit concrete technology takes a significant step forward in the construction industry through its integration into the High-Speed Two (HS2) project. In collaboration with Balfour Beatty VINCI (BBV), Tarmac, and Aggregate Industries, VERIFI brings real-time monitoring, measurement, and management to the forefront of HS2’s concrete operations.

VERIFI’s on-truck sensors and patented algorithms eliminate the need for traditional manual testing, paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable process.

Trials across multiple HS2 sites showcase the potential to cut 1,500 tons of carbon by analyzing the entire volume of concrete in the truck, reducing waste and improving quality control.

VERIFI’s integration enhances safety and productivity on construction sites, providing clear digital readouts and eliminating delays associated with traditional testing.

Frederic Guimbal, EVP at Saint-Gobain Construction Chemicals, notes that this collaboration demonstrates the power of innovation and paves the way for integrating digital methods in future concrete standards.

Read the Full Press Release about the HS2 project:

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