TexMix truck Verifi Concrete Management


Texas, USA

Tex-Mix, a leading ready-mix concrete production and delivery company in Central and South Texas, has transformed its operations through the strategic integration of Verifi technology. Over the past five years, this partnership has revolutionized concrete quality, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

in high-speed revolutions


Tex-Mix faced challenges in traditional ready-mix production, including limited visibility into crucial aspects. The need to enhance concrete quality while addressing operational inefficiencies and environmental impact was a primary concern.

Tex-Mix truck

Expertise and benefits:
Visibility into ready-mix production

  • Monitoring hydraulic pressure, drum speed, and concrete volume
  • Calibrate mix designs precisely
  • Real-time tracking, analysis, and optimization of each load
  • 25% reduction in high-speed revolutions and a 15% reduction in overall revolutions
  • Extended equipment life and fuel savings
  • Sustainable and cost effective fleet
VERIFI device concrete management hardware on truck

Project participants

  • Tex-Mix – Leading ready-mix concrete company 

We’ve been using Verifi for right at five years and Verifi is used for us to have visibility into that hidden part of ready-mix production that you couldn’t see.
And so we use it to not only monitor the quality of the concrete but proving our efficiencies both at the plants and on the jobsites.
Dustin Kleider – President
Tex-Mix quote on Verifi for concrete management